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Royal Darts Green Line

„Go Green,“ and the resulting Royal Darts Green Line, are projects we have had on our minds for some time.
We feel it is our responsibility to do something towards the protection of our environment, and consequently  we decided to try to avoid plastic as much as possible in our products.
Inspired by the games history, the idea was conceived to revive dart shafts made of wood.

Royal Darts Shaft Walnut

Our idea

Was not simply to offer dart players an alternative material for shafts, mimicking the quality of workmanship and performance they expected from their previous equipment.
No, we also wanted to develop a FIRST CLASS of dart shafts!
The wooden dart shafts or canes prevalent in the middle of the 20th century, were often made of bamboo simply inserted into the barrel. In time this practice declined, as other materials improved, and influenced the production of the dart shafts.
By returning to a traditional material, but using modern manufacturing techniques, we created a new dart shaft with improved flight characteristics, this sophistication achievable by the natural characteristics of wood.

The result

After long research and much trial and error, we decided to use walnut as our material of choice. Not only is it a beautiful and sustainable wood, the feel, and density of the material in the hand is unique, it also provides the robustness and durability that we had in mind for the Royal Darts wooden shafts.
We are proud to present the first Royal Darts wooden shafts.

They are compatible with all Steel dart or Soft dart barrels, employing  the classic 2ba thread.
The series of Royal Darts Green Line Edition will be delivered in  wooden cases.
Let us convince you too. Help us to make the world a little bit cleaner. Upgrade to the FIRST CLASS of darts.